Visiting Places


ON 4th FEBRUARY 2017

On 4 February school trip was organized to Sherghar killa near Khanpur. It was a fun filled trip away from school and home where students had the opportunity to learn in a totally different environment. They learnt to look after themselves and their belongings away from the supervision of their parents. They learnt to adjust themselves in the company of their friends. They learnt to live out off a suitcase, being on the move.They had a taste of history with a panoramic view of Shergarh killa.The thrill of going on a trip bus, deep into the Shergarh killa cannot be put into words; the excitement and joy of driving through gravel road and took  the photographs too. The keen eyes of the students however did manage to sight killa . A visit to the Shergarh  killa students get opportunity to know about the history and related persons.